Kamera Mobil Universal Depan Belakang Mundur Parkir Dua Fungsi universal car front rear camera

Web ID: J8H1a17S7AaLl

Rp 64,500

Warna : hitam

Berat : 800 Gram

UNTUK FUNGSI KAMERA BELAKANG ==> POTONG KABEL HIJAU UNTUK FUNGSI KAMERA DEPAN LANGSUNG PASANG SAJA Kamera parkir Mobil Universal Depan dan belakang (mundur) Bisa dipakai di segala merk tv mobil anda yang ada video input camera nya. Jelas dan terang, CCD. Feature: 1. High-definition wide-angle reversing camera with reversing auxiliary line. Has a good IP67 waterproof function. 2. When the car is reversing, the image will display the reversing auxiliary line, which is helpful for direction judgment and observation of the surrounding environment. The car observation camera is made of high-quality and durable materials. 3. The rear camera is small and compact, which is convenient for concealed installation Specification: Sensor: CCD Lens wide angle: 170 ° Material: ABS Waterproof rating: IP67 Signal to noise ratio: 48dB Video output: RCA connector Power supply: DC 12V White balance: automatic Effective pixels: 720X540 Resolution: 480TV line